Birth Doula

Birth support open for families due around January 2024 or later**

She is so good — with patience and kindness.

Luisa (labor and birth support)

Package Offerings

Mother-Centered Birth – $1,450 ($1,750 with reserved contract)
  • Continuous Care through Labor and Birth at home or in a birth center

This is a Birth and Labor Support Only Package for cold calls during labor (no prior contract commitment) and may be considered if my schedule allows. If you hope to reserve a birth-only contract for me to serve you with 24/7 on call availability between your 38-42 weeks, I can do so at a rate of $1,750.

Fruit of your Womb – $2,200
  • Free 30-minute remote consultation
  • Two Prenatal Visits
  • Continuous Care through Labor and Delivery to your golden hour
  • One Postpartum Closing Visit
Lady of the Roses – $2,600
  • Free 30-minute remote consultation
  • Two Prenatal Visits
  • Continuous Care through Labor and Delivery to your golden hour
  • 12 hours daytime Postpartum Doula Care ending with One Postpartum Closing Visit

Package exclusively available in San Francisco

Prenatal Visits

I offer birth clients prenatal visits (2-3 hours) for getting to know one another and your desires well, discussing how I may best serve you, and planning and preparing for birth. During prenatal visits we practice birth positions, relaxation exercises and set up some of your birth space if you plan a home birth.

Labor and Birth

24/7 on-call availability for continuous birth attendance between 38-42 weeks of gestation.

I provide emotional support, partnership, encouragement, normalization, advocacy, physical assistance with comfort measures and sibling support during birth, and care through what is called the “golden hour” — your time of discovery with your new baby in your arms.
If you are to go into labor before or after the 24/7 on-call window, I would still love to attend to you on the occasion that I am available.

I do not preform clinical tasks or give clinical advice, but I do assist in decision making by helping to gather pertinent information.

Postpartum Closing and Newborn Care

My job isn’t done once delivery is over. I will stay in close contact with you after your birth to provide any assistance –breastfeeding initiation support, care logistics for you and your newborn, emotional support, referrals– you need for transitioning to having your baby in your arms.
To conclude our time together, I will make a postpartum closing visit to you in your home within the first month of your delivery to to honor your new way of living and to write an intention letter for your motherhood together. This visit may include reflecting on your birth if you are ready, help assessing your postpartum needs, tidying up a few ends around the home and reading your intention letter together before saying our goodbyes.