Postpartum Doula

* Now booking January 2023 forward *

Opening for one family late Sept-Oct**

Alexandra’s intuitive approach to just knowing what was needed was the most valuable aspect of her support.

B.R., postpartum doula client

Package Offerings

Mother’s Milk – $980
  • 28 hours of morning Postpartum Doula Care (ideal for care and support three days per week for two weeks in your early days discovering your baby and establishing healthy breastfeeding)

Priced for care in Sonoma County. See pricing details below for further location details.

Well Nourished – $1,295
  • 35 hours of afternoon to early evening Postpartum Doula Care ending with dinner preparation (ideal for care and nourishing meals twice per week for four weeks)

Price does not include ingredients

See pricing details below for locations outside of Sonoma County

Overnight Recharge – $1,600
  • Four 8-hour nights of overnight doula support

Available seasonally, November- February

Serving N.E.A.R.

All births and postpartum experiences are unique to each family and your service will be tailored to compliment the environment you are creating for your family through these periods. I am able to serve N.E.A.R. families to support them through postpartum: to Nurture, to Educate, to Assess and to Refer.


During your postpartum period, my first priority is helping your rhythms come and go smoothly, whether it be by providing an ear to listen about how your new way of life is developing, caring for your baby as you shower, tackling the laundry as you two rest together, or helping to prepare meals. Please note that a referral to a cleaning maid/housekeeper will be made for heavy cleaning tasks.


Services available include introductory education on your design as a mother, newborn care and development including their cues, babywearing, flat cloth diapering and establishing sustainable routines in your growing household.


In my time with families, I am trained and able to make on-going non-medical assessments of lactation and feeding, hydration/hunger satiation for mom, and periodic screening for postpartum mood disorders and general health of the family.


In the event that a medical assessment may be necessary, or you are hoping to find a great mommy-and-me group, I am able to make referrals to appropriate local professionals and groups. Also available for parents who have niche product interests: organic fibers, microbiome-friendly cleansers– I am also able to make referrals for where to find baby care products according to the family’s preferences.

Postpartum Pricing

Services are typically $35/hour in Sonoma County. Further destinations add an additional charge of $70 each shift.

A la carte contracts are exclusive to Sonoma County. A 24-hour minimum contract ($840) is required for postpartum service contracted a la carte. Work shifts tend to be 4-6 hours; additional costs may be added for specialty meals, and care of multiples or siblings. Overnight support is unavailable a la carte, though multiple Overnight Recharge packages may be reserved for the same family. Discovery Calls (15-minutes) are free when you’re reaching out to me about services.